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Bienvenue dans mes marque-pages, récoltés pendant mes divagations avec le bouton 'Surprise me' de ou en suivant des liens sur divers site ou encore partagé par de diverses personnes.

Les sites qui vont suivre sont à propos de sujets variés. Certains sont absurdes, d'autres loufoques ou irréels mais tous représentent bien les débuts d'internet et la multitude de blogs ou sites personnels trouvables facilement par les moteurs de recherche de cette époque.

Bon voyage.

Moteurs de recherche :

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Les marque-pages :

Forum Agora Road
GIF collection
Asylum: Diaries of a Madman
Index of /books/Banned books and conspiracy theories
Dig Deeper
The Surrealist - Surreal Web Toys and Games
Germanic Mythology: Texts, Translations, Scholarship
The Phobia List
Ascii Art Dictionary / Collection
Educational And Personal Robots - The Old Robot's Web Site
Based Cooking
Medieval Names Archive
The Drones' Club
Chronos: The Future of Time Travel
Web Design Guidelines for Low Bandwidth - Home | The Central Role of the News Media on 9/11
Art Bits from HyperCard
Molecular Expressions: The Silicon Zoo
NetBus 2.0 Pro/ NetBus 2.01 Pro - Info and Download
Ancient American Poets
Museum of bad album covers: the worst album covers ever!
A Beginner's Guide to HTML and CSS
PrisonPenPals ~ Write a Prisoner Today!
Kassy's blog
welcome to squiggle city
Piero Scaruffi's knowledge base
Official site of Stargate Mystery School Presents Ancient Wisdom
BuildABeer home page
OJ | Orange Juice | | | Start Your Day With OJ ®
HAZENWORLD: Animated gifs; Elvis Costello; SHOP; streaming real audio, wavs, lyrics, midi, links from Hazenworld, Charles Hazen,
Hannu's Boatyard | Free Boat Plans
Insert Page Title Here
Against an Increasingly User-Hostile Web -
NativeTech: Native American Technology and Art
Mozilla Kicks ASS!
PC Gaming - Download Freeware Games
WiFi - SM: feel the global pain
The Death Clock - When Am I Going To Die?
Home Distiller - Index page
The Icon Browser
Underground Homes - Earth Sheltered Berm Buildings
2Bit - A website about 2bit stuff.
Welcome to the Retrocomputing Archive!
Plane Crash Info
U.S. Navy and marines headed to self-made disasters
Guns & Sand Club
Jurassic Systems
Antique Cannabis Book / A Price Guide to Antiques
Computer Stupidities: Floppy Abuse
fUSION Anomaly. [history ends in green]
Skyrim - A Game of Dragons
rat haus reality: exercising our intelligence with clarity & coherence
Web Design - The First 100 Years
Website Security Check - Unmask Parasites
Glass Fishing Floats information from the Virtual Glass Museum
InfoMagic, Quilts, Balloons and Home Repair & Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Help
ROBERT STEVEN CONNETT ~ Paintings, Drawings & words
Laughing Horse's Orifice Headquarters
Metal MIDI
Friends Of Vast Industrial Concrete Kafkaesque Structures (FOVICKS)
Encyclopedia of Death and Dying
N-Wheeled Vehicles.
California Air Resources Board ZEVent
Country Skills - Kountry

Livres et essais

Facing extinction - Catherine Ingram
The story of Mel

Michael Dowd - Post Doom Soul Nourishment

liste de lecture